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Service & Installs

Plumbing issues can cost homeowners a ton of stress and money; We exist to help alleviate  that. 
Call us at - literally - ANY TIME for emergency service or to set up an appointment. We will efficiently resolve the issue in the most cost effective way possible. 


Are you buying a new house or office and want to test the integrity of it's plumbing ? We perform full inspections of all things plumbing in homes for $95.00 and commercial buildings for $175.00. 


If you are going to put your hard-earned money into a remodel, you may as well hire subcontractors who will give you the most quality results possible.
At Puritan Services, we take pride in our goal for longevity in the rough-in phase, and our eye for elegance in the finish-out phase. We will aide you as best we can in planning your remodel and communicate well with other subs to ensure a stress-free, easy flowing project. 

New Builds

The King's Electric & Plumbing is a reputable licensed and insured plumbing contractor. We only use the best possible material and install our plumbing systems to last for the lifetime of the buildings they serve.